Vendor Management: Smartified and Simplified

March-April marks the beginning of a new academic year and another thrilling season for parents and schools. Apart from admissions creating enough havoc for school administrators, something that gives them nightmares is the management of vendors for dispatch of school essentials. Identifying, appointing, and managing multiple vendors for academic kits and other products requires strategic operational efforts and schools often need a dedicated internal team to manage the whole process.

Teachers and school administrators can be seen running round the clock trying to dispatch uniforms & books to parents standing in long queues on the campus. This chaotic activity demands months of planning, management and internal coordination between the school administration and relevant vendors, making it complex for vendors and pain for the school management.

Challenges in Vendor Management 

1. Schools manage multiple vendors to provide parents with various school-related merchandise like uniforms, books, shoes, etc. Such vendors often lack proper inventory management and systematic distribution of these essential merchandise, leading to discontentment among parents in collecting the same from multiple branches.

2. Schools need to run the internal process of quality check and inventory management along with setting up kiosks at the campus for distribution of products. 

3. Managing payments and maintaining records of the huge transactions is quite cumbersome and often leads to financial pilferage. 

4. Last-minute needs are inevitable & going through the process of coordinating with vendors to making the final purchase is quite tedious for school authorities.

5. School security at stake with outsiders infringing the school premise on the pretext of order placements.

EdvantagePoint helps overcome these challenges and strives to bridge the gap between schools and vendors, making quality education accessible and convenient for parents. A one-stop solution to administrative issues faced in school merchandise management with end-to-end fulfillment, the platform ensures seamless execution and transparency in costs and accounts. Its comprehensive and state-of-the-art technology simplifies school merchandise management and helps to deliver quality merchandise from trusted sellers to schools or parent’s home, as the case may be. It also comes with a  platform that facilitates online admissions and recruitment services for schools along with offering career advice and counseling services to students.

EdvantagePoint has partnered with over 200+ reputed K-12 schools across South India. We also have collaborated with 25+ educational sellers to ensure a hassle-free supply of products.

Our Solutions 

  • An e-commerce platform for hosting all school-related merchandise with proper product cataloging, ensuring quality imagery and affordable pricing
  • A robust logistics and supply chain management with the convenience of doorstep delivery 
  • Optimum inventory management and automated operations to reduce administrative efforts
  • An online dashboard for every partnered vendor to monitor their sales and orders.
  • School POS for accurate inventory tracking, assuring transparency in orders & transactions.
  • Improved vendor relationships, given the transparency in payments and increased access to merchandise.
  • Retail stores in close vicinity to school campuses for in-person trials
  • Seamless Exchange and Return on both online and offline purchases
  • 24/7 assistance to support them in every step

Eventually, with the evolution of business models, the vendor management system will be a gateway to a world of additional untapped sources of talent, technology, functional capabilities, and market intelligence. We at EdvantagePoint believe in offering convenience to parents along with a hassle-free experience to vendors, empowering academic institutes to concentrate on vital aspects of kids learning and development.

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