Top 5 myths of Indian Education System

  1. Getting a well-paying job means you have settled in life: The education system in our country drills the thought that education is all about getting a “good or stable job” and settling down in life.

2. Memorising = Learning: Our schools focus less on practical learning experience and concentrate on memorizing concepts by rote.  It is a misconstrued belief that memorising something equals learning. The disadvantage of such a method is that students tend to memorize without understanding a concept, which could affect their academic performance as well as their cognitive skills.

3. Grades/Marks are everything in life: Our education system defines outcomes rather than focussing on the process. Marks are the only criteria that are considered to evaluate a student’s performance.

4. You can’t make a career if you’re interested in Arts & Humanities: Our focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects has sucked the creativity out of our education system. Art boosts creativity but it is not seen as a “bright” career choice because of its instability. What we forget is that “Art” teaches us about life.

5. Questioning = Disrespecting. Discipline is above all! Discipline and Interests are two different things. But, our education system believes that if you do not have the discipline to follow something, you are an outcast. It doesn’t encourage the habit of questioning and fails to understand that pursuing one’s interests is also equally important for one’s happiness and health.

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