Top 10 Schools in Chennai


1. Sishya School: Sishya School started in 1972 with just 28 students. It is managed by the KIT Thomas Educational Society and is affiliated to CISCE. The school offers academics in four categories. The primary school is for KG and class I. Montessori and traditional education are imparted in these classes.

2. Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Secondary School: The Nungambakkam Ladies Recreation Club established this school in 1958. The school on a five-acre campus in KK Nagar offers an ideal setting for students to pursue education in the best ambience. Value education is emphasized so that children have overall learning and development.

3. St Patrick’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School: St Patrick’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School was established in 1875 by Irish Brothers. The Centenarian Institution was built so that British settlers in Madras could provide good education to their sons. The school was also attended by a few Indian boys, who wanted Western education. Currently, the school is managed by the Patrician Brothers.

4. Sri Vidhya Academy International School: Gurukul style of learning is the USP of Sri Vidhya Academy International School. The school also includes modern tools to support education in the 21st century. It offers good academic and extracurricular activities and builds a healthy relationship.

5. The School Krishnamurti Foundation, India: Krishnamurthi Foundation, India is a one-of-its-kind school in Chennai and is voted as one of the best in the region. Established in 1973 by Jiddu Krishnamurti, the school provides overall growth and development for kids by imparting education along with creative skills.

6. Abacus Montessori School: The Abacus Montessori School started in a small refurbished garage in 1987 and today it has developed into one of the biggest and best schools in Chennai. Children with special requirements are paid greater attention. Teachers are trained to handle and motivate kids who need more attention than others, without making them feel awkward.

7. Don Bosco Matriculation School: An all-boys school, Don Bosco Matriculation School has 2,700 students and 106 teachers. The school is set on a huge campus with provision for outdoor games and sports. The school encourages students to participate in various extracurricular activities such as music, dance, theater and art.

8. Chettinad Vidyashram: Established in 1986 by Dr Meena Muthiah, this co-educational private school is among the best in the region. The school has the vision to ensure the psychological, emotional and spiritual growth of children to carve them into better individuals. The school has various clubs and associations, where students can display their skills and talents.

9. St Bede’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School: Founded in the year 1907, St Bede’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School emphasizes on sports activities as well as involvement in various movements and clubs for the overall development of a child.

10. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Schools: This is another top school in Chennai city. The schools offer modern as well as spiritual education for the overall personality development of the students. Admissions are made based on an entrance test.

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