Things to keep in mind while changing boards or changing schools in India

How does changing boards work when you are changing your child’s school? When we are talking about changing a child’s board, from say CBSE to ICSE, there might not be a concern up to grade 8. Making the change at such a stage would not involve any administrative or admission related differences. The real change is when we talk about switching boards when the child is in grade 9 or 10.

ICSE registers their students at grade 9 and the registrations close by the end of July. Beyond grade 9 if the child plans to shift from CBSE to ICSE then this is not allowed as the child had not registered with the council in grade 9. A similar procedure was introduced in the CBSE board recently. There is a provision for online registration for the children who are already in the CBSE board in grade 9 and 10. So there is a concern in moving the child from one board to another in the higher grades. So if you plan to change your child’s school or board this should ideally be done before grade 8. This would avoid admin related concerns while making the switch.

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