Selecting a School Board for your Child when Relocating To India


When relocating from Abroad to India, how does one decide which board to opt for here? There’s a vast difference in the curriculum and the teaching methodology that is followed in schools abroad and schools in India. We do have international boards in India like IGSCE and IB, which do cater to students from abroad and students from India who wish to go abroad and study. We also have the CBSE and ICSE which is prevalent in schools and colleges abroad but if you are shifting from abroad to India, I think it would be better to look for a school that offers IGSCE or IB because it would make your child comfortable in the environment. If you look for a CBSE school, the child would be put under stress to learn a lot of other subjects that the child has not dealt with when he or she was studying abroad. In the higher classes ICSE has a provision of giving a subject selection option to the child, but still there could be subjects that the child will be compelled to study and if he/she has not studied it abroad it’s definitely going to create a concern. So my strong recommendation would be to look for a school that offers an ICSE or IB and if it’s in a lower class, you can definitely look at CBSE or ICSE because children tend to cope very easily in the lower classes and it stresses them out in the higher grades.

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