School Admissions: 5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask

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School is a place where your child spends the first or the most important phase of his/her life. It is the place that helps your child to find his/her interest, decide the right from wrong, and follow his/her passion in life.It is the establishment that not only shapes up your child’s future, but also nurtures his/her morale and helps to become a responsible citizen in the future.

But then, while admitting your child to a school of your choice, there are certain parameters that must be taken care of. Getting your child admitted without enquiring about these factors could result otherwise and might affect the learning and growing phase of your child.

If your kid/s are ready to join school, or if you are searching for an ideal school for them, here are some of the questions that you must ask to the school authority. Make sure you don’t skip any of these questions during school admissions!

  1. Does the school have a Vision?

The school might have achieved various feats in the past, but you should always look for its potential to survive in the future. The fact that your child will be spending the next 14 years in that school makes it very important for you to know about the mission and vision of the school.

Situations and circumstances are sure to undergo vast changes within 14 years. And, by the time you child steps out of school, he/she should be able to cope up with the real world. Therefore, checking the future prospects of schools can be regarded as the first step during their school admissions.

  1. Are the Teachers Future-Ready?

Teachers are usually hired or appointed after a series of tests or screening. You can, at the least, expect them to make your child learn while being with them. However, since learning is entirely different from nurturing or moulding, you must cross-check about the quality of teachers at school.

Since your child will be spending a considerable period with the teachers, it is very important for you to know if they are future-ready. Rather than only getting your child acquainted with traditional learning methods, teachers should always encourage the child to think out-of-the-box and kindle their creativity.

  1. Is Learning Confined to the Classroom?

This is in fact one of the most important questions to ask during school admission. When it comes to learning, kids always respond positively to activity-based learning rather than learning in a confined atmosphere.

While admitting your child, you must ask the school management about the teaching methodologies adopted by them. Always ensure that you admit your son or daughter in a school that has themed classrooms, practical labs, conducts field trips, encourages student to build a connection with the outer world.

  1. What are the Safety Parameters?

Considering kids are very inquisitive in nature, a safe environment becomes a foremost requirement for them. Alongside this, teachers should also make it a point to educate the kids with various drills and practices to escape crucial situations or hazards.

While going for school admissions, you must enquire about all the safety measures ensured or assured by the management. Be it the sitting arrangements or flooring, playground or recreational zone, laboratories or lavatories, bus or hostel facilities, you should double check every factor before admitting your child.

  1. What is the Evaluation Process?

Evaluation plays a very important role in your child’s life! It is the process that not only highlights the strength of your kid, but also makes you aware about the loopholes or weaker zones that needs to be improved. But then, the process of evaluating your child must not be limited only to his or her academic performances!

Rather than following the traditional ways, evaluation should be based on the overall development of your son or daughter. Along with assessing what they have learnt throughout the year, teachers should also concentrate on how they did in extra-curricular activities, games, annual/summer projects, and so on.

Schools are meant to mould children and show them the better ways to get established in their lives. Rather than spoon-feeding, schools should always encourage students to explore newer ways and learn from their own experiences. Hence, you should proactively ask all the above questions during school admissions. But, in case, you find it tough to decide the right school, you can always write to Edvantage Point at or give a call to +91-80-884-8846.

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