Robotics – An Emerging Subject in the Current Education System

The R2-D2 of Stars Wars made every 90’s kid go ‘wow’ with excitement. The cute love story of Wall-E and Eva melted every heart in the universe. Every eye shed tears of sadness when Iron Man’s arc reactor glowed for the last time. Robots are there in almost every fictitious or futuristic story that we read or watch on screen.  Some of the less complex ones have been part of our lives ever since their invention and we can’t think of the future without them. It’s fascinating enough to think that the young generation is being prepared to take these machines to a whole new level!

Technology drives the world today, making our lives convenient and better. From moving goods around on a production floor to performing complex medical procedures and being on space exploration missions, robots have made their place in every industry. The branch of engineering that involves the design, construction, and operation of these robots is called Robotics. It is now becoming a popular career choice among the current generation of students. Coupled with advancements in other areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics will play an increasingly integral role in our way of life.

Benefits of Introducing Robotics to School Students

India is emerging with new technologies every minute but when it comes to robotics, it is still at a budding stage. Therefore, introducing robotics as early as possible in our education system is vital so as to prepare young minds for the future and enable them to be productive in the latest developments. Outside India, it is already gaining huge significance in many schools worldwide, helping students not just for the present, but also for the foreseen AI future.

Here are some ways by which learning about robots at school can be beneficial to students:

Adds Creativity & Fun– Making a moving machine who can do cool stuff is not something every school would teach. Unlike other subjects that are often boring for students, the study of Robotics includes creative thinking and next-level learning while making it fun simultaneously. Students love to be a part of activities that give them full control and let them get creative which in turn increases their eagerness to learn and develop more.

Increases Concentration & Engagement – It is obvious that kids love practical more than theory. Anything which involves physical skills is way more engaging than just reading out words from textbooks. Hands-on learning lessons enhance concentration and attention levels, making students more inquisitive and innovative.

Introduces Programming Skills – Computer programming is said to be complex even for the older students. Being simpler to understand, Robotics, in turn, allows a more tangible introduction to programming along with the application of maths, engineering, and science in the process of design and development. As artificial intelligence is becoming more popular in homes, schools, and offices, a little programming knowledge will help these students understand these bots better.

Enhances Problem Solving Skills and Innovation – Robotics teaches students perseverance and determination when faced with challenges while the results are mostly innovative. Competitions involving robots teach them how to be persistent and solve problems while helping them increase their maturity levels and prepare them for real-world situations.

Encourages Teamwork – Robotics integrate a lot of skills, promoting an intellectual level of learning environment for students with different talents. It also teaches them teamwork while bringing everyone on board for competitions and challenges.

Apart from all these, Educational Robotics most importantly allows students to learn STEM disciplines in various ways, the objective being to enhance their skills and attitudes for analysis and operation of robots. They can learn skills in leadership, community involvement, communicating across different technology platforms, finding their passions, and dedication, which will prepare them for their future.

Robotics in Indian Schools

Robotics is gaining its game at many private schools as an education tool in many cities across the country. Government schools have started experimenting with robotics to teach students science and engineering concepts. Realizing its benefits, CBSE is introducing artificial intelligence as an optional 6th subject at Class IX from the session 2019-2020 onwards. Robotics championships/competitions are being organized across India to encourage all emerging talents.

A little motivation and encouragement is also needed from the parents’ side for kids to take part in these competitions and learn important life skills that will help them harness confidence and creativity in them.

Let Robotics cultivate innovators in our youth today so that they can design a better safer tomorrow for all of us!

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