Looking for a Career in Engineering After 12th? These 30 Courses are For You!

Engineering, for several years, has been perceived as the career that fetches great pay apart from the benefits it offers. However, we have stereotyped Engineering career and have restricted ourselves into thinking only about IT or Software-related opportunities. There more to it than what meets our eye!

If you are looking for career options/courses after your 12th standard with a focus on Engineering background, here’s what you can choose from:

  1. Aeronautical Engineering
  2. Aerospace Engineering
  3. Agricultural Engineering
  4. Architecture Engineering
  5. Automobile Engineering
  6. Automation & Robotics Engineering
  7. Avionics Engineering
  8. Bio-medical Engineering
  9. Biotechnology Engineering
  10. Civil Engineering
  11. Chemical Engineering
  12. Ceramic Engineering
  13. Computer Science Engineering
  14. Construction Tech Management (Engineering)
  15. Electronics & Communications Engineering  
  16. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  17. Environmental Science Engineering
  18. Information Science Engineering
  19. Industrial Engineering
  20. Industrial Production Engineering
  21. Instrumentation Technology Engineering
  22. Marine Engineering
  23. Manufacturing Science Engineering
  24. Mechanical Engineering
  25. Medical Electronics Engineering
  26. Mining Engineering
  27. Naval Architecture
  28. Polymer Technology
  29. Silk Technology Engineering
  30. Carpet Technology Engineering
  31. Textile Engineering

NOTE: The above mentioned courses are for a period of 4 years.

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