Learning the Smart Way – 6 Tips to Motivate Your Kid

With EdTech revolutionizing the education industry, learning has become easier than ever. Thanks to endless options in online tutoring and personalized learning apps. However, sitting on regular homework continues to be the biggest nightmare for school kids. While some children are absolute bookworms and come with exceptional study habits there are a lot others who curse the education system daily in due course of studying. To top this is the endless pressure and expectations piled by parents to excel in both academics and overall learning.

While a lot depends on a child’s willingness to study, apt study skills and the right motivation can help him/her become a good learner. Parents, here, play a key role in determining their child’s learning habits and device means to engage them in smart learning. We list a few tips to help you motivate your child study effectively and explore the joy of learning.

1. Encourage Learning than just Studying

For most children, the basic idea of studying is to memorize things. It’s important to make them understand that learning for exams isn’t the core idea but to understand the concepts. As a parent you must focus on what your child is learning than his scores. While tests are important to evaluate studies they shouldn’t overpower his/her quest for learning. The trick is to discover ways to help them learn smartly and secure good scores.

2. Create a Positive Learning Environment

The most critical factor affecting a child’s study, a positive learning environment promotes an energized behavior and creative thinking. Kids have a low attention span and get distracted easily. Hence, it’s important for them to study in an environment that’s calm and free of distractions.

3. Introduce a Comfortable Learning Style

There are various ways to learn something and kids learn best when they’re interested in the process. While there isn’t any standard rule it’s important to help kids discover their preferred learning style to improve their quality of studying. If complex words and text bother them, try explaining the concept via visuals. Storytelling with interesting characters keep kids hooked up to the subject for long. Try such unique learning styles to discover the ones that best click with your kid.

4. Say ‘Yes’ to Their Curiosity

Encourage them to ask questions. Children are curious and asking questions helps them unveil concepts and subjects that allure them otherwise. It’s not always a good idea to sherk them off or say ‘I don’t know’. At times, reply a question with another question to have him brood over it and find out the answers. Teach the basics and let them explore the rest. This cultivates creative critical thinking and encourages them to explore learning.

5. Praise their Achievements than Rewarding

Compliment your child for the right answers rather than rewarding him. Praising the effort made motivates kids and builds their confidence and self-esteem. Encourage them to keep trying even if they fail the first time. The goal is to not let them give up easily.

6. Make Learning Fun

Game-based learning apps are a part of a parent’s phone, given the huge benefits they have in helping kids in fast learning. Using games (indoor, outdoor or mobile-based) as an educational tool not only helps kids develop non-cognitive skills but also motivates them to learn more. When a child is actively engaged in a game, he/she discovers new strategies and results. This keeps them engrossed while making their brain learn multiple skills.

However, the most important key for parents is having patience in the entire process. Don’t let children feel stressed and lend a helping hand in completing their homework but don’t do it for them. Guide them and let them make mistakes and learn. Spend some valuable time with them, unleashing interesting subjects and you are sure to bag the title of being the ‘Best Parent’.

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