Is ICSE tougher than CBSE at plus 2 level?

This is an extremely common concern among students and parents. Children who have completed their tenth through ICSC feel, they do not need to get into ISC thinking that it is too tough to crack and wish to move over to the state board, PUC or Junior College as it’s called in different states. Our government has come out with a directive which states very clearly, that having proposed a Common Entrance Examination for the students from across the country and from different boards they have to cater to the students’ curriculum and syllabus in a common way. With this in mind, each board has been told that 95% of what they follow as content for eleventh and twelfth has to be common across the boards. As a result, ISC had to bring down the in-depth knowledge that they were imparting in the different topics under the core subjects to be on par with CBSE and on the other hand, State board had to work on upgrading their level of syllabus and curriculum. So as we see it, now all the boards follow a similar pattern when it comes to the syllabus that is offered to the students in the 11th and 12th. Yes, the five per cent that is retained by each board is taken care of in their own way by each board – CBSE concentrates more on science and math while ICSE concentrates on language which is their USP, state board is working to bring everything on par so that their students can compete with the CBSE and ICSE students and come out as winners in the Common Entrance Examinations.   

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