Indian Parents and their Undying Faith In Bizarre Superstitions

Hanging a lemon with seven green chilies; a spot of kajal for ‘buri nazar‘; and some gemstones for your good future. Indian parents have been obsessed with superstitions since time immemorial. Countless beliefs like these breathe comfortably next to advanced science and technology, despite only a few having logical explanations.

As kids we were forced to believe some of these since our parents were way too involved in them. While we know that most of these don’t hold any scientific logic. Yet we stop by each time a black cat crosses the road.

Here’s a list of some bizarre and lesser known superstitions practiced in different corners of the country:

Dreams & Daggers – Keeping onions and knives under your bed drives away bad dreams.

Despite any logical explanation, some people still sleep with a knife or a dagger under their bed in hope to see good dreams.

Don’t Shake It Off! – Shaking your legs makes you lose your wealth.

Shaking legs while being idle is a common behavior. Medical science says our body unintentionally shakes legs to maintain our body heat by regulating the body temperature. The superstitious belief is ‘shaking your legs shakes away your wealth and fortune’.  It simply means inviting bad luck into the family. Wonder why it never worked the other way round, shaking one’s hands bringing in good luck, wealth and fortune!

Snakes On RevengeCrush or bury the head of a snake after killing it to prevent being attacked by a severed head.

One of the most cruelest superstitions, it is believed that when you kill a snake, its eyes capture your face and takes revenge after death. This is why you should crush or burn the head. And we thought only new phones come with face recognition technology!

Rock, Paper, Knives and Scissors – Never hand over objects like scissors and knives directly to another person or else your relationship with them will suffer.

We can surely agree on the safety precautions here. Especially, if the other person is dancing, driving, swimming or doing any physical activity. However, what to do if the other person actually needs it in an emergency. Do surgeons in an OT search for a table to hand over a pair of scissors to each other?

Head to Head: If you bump your head with someone else’s head, do it once again or you both will grow horns.

Though this one doesn’t even make sense, some of us still follow it out of habit influenced by elders. If this superstition was true, people no longer need to buy Halloween costumes!

Hiccups & Telepathy – Repeated yawning or hiccups means someone is remembering you.

If a person keeps yawning or gets hiccups repeatedly, it simply means that probably the person is sleepy or thirsty. However, according to Indian parents this means someone is remembering you. Not sure whether it is ever proved to be true but if it is then telepathy exists!

Pillows of Conscience – Do not sit on a pillow. You will be bankrupted/ you will have a headache.

The headache part seems logical enough due to the fact that the pillow will become flattened and you won’t be comfortable while sleeping on it. But bankruptcy! Connecting bank accounts to pillows means pillows can work like an Adhaar Card.

Fortune Tellers on the Wall – Lizards chirping confirms something to be true.

It is said that during any discussion or talk, if a lizard chirps on the ceiling or on the wall, it is a good omen to let you know that it is true. Well, then there must be an invisible connection between our thoughts and lizards. They simply just know the truth. Also if they chirp frequently for no reason then something has happened or going to happen that will directly influence us or cause us to worry about. Talking about fortune tellers, Indian parents have a personal one hanging on the wall for the whole day.

Enjoy the above as long as they stand!

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