How To Prepare Mathematics For JEE Main & Advanced Exams

Are you preparing for JEE or Joint Entrance Examination in engineering sciences? Then you need to prepare yourself in the three subjects which are covered by JEE Main and Advanced exam, and those are Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. You have to prepare yourself at home and also arrange for some good entrance coaching centres to test how well you prepared each of these subjects. 

The most difficult subject among these three to prepare is Mathematics. A lot of students have grumbled about clearing Chemistry or Physics, yet failing in the Mathematics paper and thus not getting the intended rank in JEE. The main reason is that students don’t know how to prepare Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced Exams. On the other hand, it is not enough to just pass  in Mathematics. You need to score high to get a good rank. Otherwise, you will not be able to study in a good college. 

Important Topics in Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced Examination

Let us take a look at some of the important topics in Mathematics that you should stress more on for the JEE Main and Advanced examination. The following are the most important topics concentrated by the top JEE coaching institutes in Kerala.

  • Trigonometry – A lot of students avoid this subject right from their secondary schooling. Then when they intend to clear JEE Main, they get stuck in the beginning due to the pile of formulae they have to memorize in Trigonometry. It is said that the questions from this section come from basic trigonometric chapters. Therefore, you need to be thorough with the formulae to score marks here.

  • Permutation, Combination, and Probability – Most of the students who either fail in mathematics or score low in this section fail to understand the difference between permutation and combination. They are unsure when to use permutation and when to use the combination. This is the most important area for the students to cover. It is advisable to get professional tutors from coaching centres to excel in these topics.

  • Functions and Limits – This is another important topic that covers around 40% of the JEE question papers. A lot of formulae are here for the students to memorize and apply. One suggestion here is to practice as many problems as possible in this area.

  • Integral Calculus – Among the problems mentioned above around 40% come from integral calculus. As there are a variety of formulae and different kinds of applicability here, it is advisable to take the help of professional tutors or coaching centres which can help you score better in this section.

Tips to Help Prepare for JEE

In addition to your usual method of study, if you prepare mathematics with some tips, it will produce incredible results in JEE. Follow these tips that will help you how to prepare Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced exams.

  • Practice the Formulae Every Day – Some mathematical topics like Trigonometry have a lot of formulae, some of which are very confusing. If you just mug up these formulae and appear in the JEE Main, then you will forget everything. You will not be able to apply the correct formula for a respective problem. For that reason, you need to practice different types of problems applying the different formulae each day. Practising different problems will help you remember the formulae to apply them appropriately during the examination.

  • Practice from NCERT Books – It is very important that you practice problems from the correct books. A lot of books follow the JEE syllabus which is outdated today. Practising from such books will not help. The problems given in the NCERT books follow the current syllabus of JEE Main and Advance examinations. First of all, it is advisable that you practice from the Mathematics books written by R.D. Sharma. These books cover the entire plus-two syllabus which incorporates the syllabus of JEE Main and Advanced too. So, the same set of books will help you clear your plus twos. For Geometry and Trigonometry, you can follow the books by S.L. Loney. There are special books for solving problems of JEE Main and Advance by R.D. Sharma. You should buy both the books of R.D. Sharma, that is, for solving JEE related problems and for plus two.

  • Practice Objective Type Questions – You need to practice the objective type questions on the chapter which you finished. If you do it right after you finished the chapter, then you will be able to understand the chapter analytically. Always remember that there are multiple ways that the same problem may be represented to you. The solution, however, will remain one and the same. You have to identify the problem correctly and attempt its solution. This will be easy if you practice a lot of different types of objective questions in the chapter that you studied recently.

  • Cross Check your Progress – All the points mentioned above requires your own vigilance. Now, you need to check how much you progressed, either with the Mathematics teachers of your school or your coaching centre. You need to identify the loopholes of your progress and the problems you are facing in identifying the problems. This is not possible on your own. You need professional instructors, teachers who teach JEE syllabus or Mathematics subjects for plus two-level. They can correct your approach, they can help you improve your score and they can help you understand difficult topics in Mathematics. 

Good luck!!