Lecturer or Special Educator? 5 Teaching Careers For You!

Teachers are human being who shape our lives and sow the seeds of all things good in us. Teaching as a profession has been considered as one of the noblest vocations in the world and still continues to be.  Teachers have always played the role of catalyst in our society. To be a teacher, one requires immense patience, knowledge and great communication skills apart from a very endearing personality.

With time, several opportunities have opened up within the teaching profession. From being an Edupreneur to a Special Education or a Lecturer, you can choose to be any of them. Here are 5 Teaching Careers for you and how to pursue them:

1. Special Educator:

You can always work as a Special Education in Special Schools. Your primary responsibilities will be to deal with children with physical, emotional, and mental challenges and learning disabilities. This also involves working closely with their families to achieve the best educational outcome for them, teach them basic life and social skills for their personality development, and make them understand academic concepts through personalized one-to-one sessions.

Course: Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed.), specializing in Special Education.

2. Professor/Lecturer:

The lecturers are designated as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or a Professor. As a Lecturer/ Professor, you have to give lectures on assigned topics, conduct academic research and assist students in doing their own research work. After completing a Master’s degree in your chosen field, you will have to appear for the UGC-NET examination.

The National Eligibility Test (NET) is conducted for determining the eligibility of Indian Nationals for Assistant Professorship or Junior Research Fellowship. The exam is conducted twice a year particularly in the month of June and November.

3. Eduprenuer:

With Education becoming a profitable business, it is has evolved into an entrepreneurial, income-generating business activity that has been strategically intertwined with education for the purposes of sustainable change at a social and economic level. An Edupreneur is someone who has the experience of establishing education institutions or companies working in the education sector.

Course/Eligibility: Anyone is Masters in Education or an MBA, on-field experience in business strategy and education management.

4. Pre-Primary/Primary School Teacher:

While pre-primary school teachers deal with children between 3 to 5 years of age, primary school teachers are those who teach kinds between 6 and 12 years. Primary School Teachers play an essential role in shaping up the child in initial years of the child’s growth and development as they begin teaching in innovative ways for the kids to understand. Primary teachers are the ones who teach basic concepts which will mould a kid’s academic and other learning processes.

Courses for Pre-Primary Teachers: Nursery Teachers Training or a 2-year Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Courses for Primary Teachers: Bachelor’s in Elementary Education or Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) for 2 years.

5. Secondary/Senior Secondary School Teacher:

These teachers play a key role in the crucial years of a child’s schooling system. They are responsible for teaching subjects which are their strengths, manage students and discuss concepts of their subjects in details. They also prepare kids for exams in their particular subjects by teaching through various methods.

Courses for Secondary School Teachers: Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed) for 2 years after graduating from a teaching subject.

Courses for Senior or High School Teachers: Bachelor’s in Elementary Education or Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) for 2 years.

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