Edvantage Point: India’s Most Favourite Platform for Smart Choices in Education

Edvantage Point (EP) is a search platform that helps students and parents pick the best school from across the country. This feature helps parents compare schools based on the board, locality, fee and other parameters.

Features of Edvantage Point:

  • We offer online enquiry service and online admission process.
  • We also partner with education institutes and help them get discovered online. This way, we help them digitise their admission process as well as build a modern and mobile-ready online presence for them.
  • With 7,000 + verified schools partnering with them, we are the go-to platform for parents in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Benefits of Edvantage Point:

  • FOR SCHOOLS – One-stop shop for education needs: Since education institutes rely on several vendors/service providers to run their schools/colleges effectively, Edvantage Point eases their burden and connects them with the appropriate service providers, decreasing operational costs and increasing their revenues.
  • FOR PARENTS – Digital admission process: By digitising schools’ admission process, we save parents the hassle of standing in long queues for application forms.
  • FOR STUDENTS – Career Guidance & Counselling: Edvantage Point has expanded its bouquet of services to career advice & counselling to students for Higher Education
  • FOR TEACHERS – Recruitment & staffing services: Through our platform, we help teachers/counsellors/tutors/academic experts looking for job openings and connect them with the education institutes which are in turn looking for them.

Verification Process:

  • Legal verification: For every school added on the platform, the company follows a rigorous verification process and obtains legal consent from the school to share information with parents.

   Our Goal: 

“Our goal is to evolve into India’s largest marketplace in the education domain – finding, delivering and sharing education requirements – where edqart.com becomes every parent’s “go-to” platform for their children’s education needs.”

(NOTE: For queries regarding admission process, career guidance or recruitments services, call us on 80-8846-8846 or write to us at support@edqart.com)

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