Does Board Matter when Selecting a Pre-school?

What is the significance of board and school affiliation when opting for a preschool? How do you decide which one to opt for? Preschool, as the name implies, is a school that comes before a formal school. So this is a school where the child gets accustomed to a formal school. If the school is run under a private institution it doesn’t come under a registration process. So we cannot talk about a board or a school affiliation when a preschool is concerned. So how does one decide which one to opt for? You have a lot of time to pick a board that suits you and your child the best. Let the child enjoy preschool getting accustomed to the basics of schooling. Let the child learn the basics of the subjects.

There would come a time when you would be in a situation to pick a board for your child. If your plan to enroll your child in a preschool that is not attached with a formal school set up, then it would be better to simply allow the child to enjoy preschool. And later you could consider enrolling your child in a school that starts with grade 1. After that look at the interests and abilities of the child so as to take a call on whether the child should continue with that board or whether the child needs a change. You could also look at preschools attached with formal schools but there is no preschool with a specific board or affiliation. Preschools do not need affiliations and so they are not registered under any board.

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