Confusion over Compartment Exams? Watch this Edvantage Point Video!

CBSE compartment and improvement exams have caused a lot of confusion among school students across the country. With rules and conditions for exams changing quite often, Edvantage Point has decided to do a Facebook Live session on “Compartment and Improvement Exams” with our Education Counsellor Malathi Balasubramanian.

During the 25-minute session, Mrs. Balasubramanian answered 13 important questions and cleared the confusion on compartment as well as improvement exams. Here’s a link to the Facebook Live session on Edvantage Point Facebook Page 

We believe that this session will help clarify doubts and answer the questions that students have. Edvantage Point is committed to solving education-related issues through the use of technology.

(Edvantage Point is India’s go-to platform for education-related products and services. We are into admissions management for schools, career advice and counselling services for students as well as recruitment services).

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