Confused about CBSE Compartment Exams? Here’s all the information you need

Phew! The woes of examination and results have been laid to rest, finally, for a year. Wait! The worst nightmare is not over yet! Are all the students really free from the woes? Some are still struggling to find answers for certain questions regarding Compartment Examinations – a crucial one to get a pass certificate. The points listed below provide an overview about compartment exams and ease the search for answers.

What is a CBSE compartment exam?

Every student appearing for CBSE Board examination has to pass in 5 out of 6 subjects. If they fail to do so, he/she would be placed in Compartment Exam in the failed subject, provided they clear the internal assessments in all the subjects. With this arrangement, the student need not repeat 12th Board, which is a relief.

  1. Applies only if you have failed in 1 subject:

This facility is feasible if the student has failed only in one subject. If they have failed in two or more subjects, they are not eligible to take a compartment exam. They have to appear as a private candidate in the annual examination which will be held in March 2019.

  1. Don’t confuse it with Improvement Exam: A Compartment exam is different from an Improvement exam. An Improvement Exam is taken when the student has “passed” in all subjects but wants to improve his/her marks in a particular subject/s.

So, how does the compartment exam for class 10 and class 12 work?

Though the eligibility criteria are the same, the rule varies slightly for the two boards.

Eligibility criteria for class 12 Compartment Exam and the procedure:

  • Only those students who have failed in one subject are eligible for CBSE Compartment 2018.
  • Students get 3 chances to clear the subject in question, appearing for the Compartment exam 2018.

           > First chance: The exam will be in July/August 2018.

           > Second chance: If the student fails to clear the paper, he/she gets another chance in March/April 2019.

           > Final chance: In the event of not succeeding in the second attempt, he/she gets a final chance in July/August 2019.

Eligibility criteria for class 10 Compartment Exam and the procedure:

  • Class 10 students get only one chance to clear the subject they have failed in while appearing for Compartment Exam 2018 in July/August 2018. However, if they have failed in the first attempt, CBSE gives you another chance to appear in March/April 2019.

Question Paper pattern for Compartment Exam: Refer to the previous years question papers on the CBSE official website. You will understand the pattern better and can prepare well. (Visit – the official site of CBSE for more details about the dates, fees and schedule of the Compartment Exams 2018. Also, go through the Examination byelaws and Scheme of Examination to get a better understanding of the entire procedure.)

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