Making a Career as a Cartoonist In India

Cartooning is much more than drawing funny pictures. However, most cartoons are meant to convey a certain message or point out some type of irony. Depending on the intended audience, cartoons might either be very complex or they may be a little simpler. These cartoons are often featured in print publications, like magazines and newspapers, as well as online publications, like blogs and websites.

Cartoons are a powerful communication tool that have cut across all media obstructions and emerged as effective tools of disseminating messages to the masses. Also, today’s audio-visual media, internet, films, multimedia, advertisements, hoardings all rely on cartoons to spread messages for the public.

What does a cartoonist do?

The quality that a cartoonist carry is a sense of humor. Cartoonist may draw animated cartoons, prepare model drawings and sketches of characters, and draw special effects for animation projects. Creativity and imagination are indispensable attributes of a cartoonist.

Place of work:

  • Animation studios
  • Film and video studios
  • Cartoon networks
  • Gaming companies
  • Print & Media houses
  • Publishing companies

Job Trends for Cartoonists

Employment growth for illustrators and painters is expected to grow by four percent for the 2012-2022 decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for illustrators who work on a computer will increase, as media companies use more detailed images and backgrounds in their designs. Illustrators and cartoonists who work in publishing may see job opportunities decline, as traditional print publications lose ground to other media forms.

However, new opportunities are expected to arise, as the number of electronic magazines, Internet-based publications, and video games grows. Cartoonist salary: Self-employed cartoonists may earn higher or lower than average salaries based on how often they work, the types of clients they tend to work with, geographic location, experience, and many other factors.


  1. Bachelor in Fine Arts
  2. Bachelor in Visual Arts/Animation
  3. M.A Fine Arts
  4. M.A Fine Arts & Painting

Top Colleges in Visual Arts/Animation in India

  1. Indian Institute of Cartoonists, Bengaluru
  2. National Institute of Film and Fine Arts, Kolkata
  3. ST. Xavier College, Kolkata
  4. National Institute Of Design (NID) Ahmedabad
  5. Vellore Institute Of Technology (VIT) Vellore
  6. Loyola Academy Degree and PG College, Hyderabad
  7. Arena Animation, Pune
  8. D.Y. Patil-Whistling Woods International School, Pune
  9. MAAC, Mumbai
  10. Raffles Millennium International, New Delhi
  11. Kerala Cartoon Academy
  12. Toonz Animation India, Kerala

Top Institutes in the World

  1. Sheridan College, Oakville (Canada)
  2. The School Of Visual Arts, USA.
  3. Bournemouth University, UK
  4. Digital Hollywood University, Japan
  5. Supinfocom, France

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