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Doubts and confusions are a part and parcel of our daily lives! Be it about selecting a school or selecting the stream to study, doubts and confusions never spare us. And while talking about this inevitable suffering, we simply cannot ignore the question: Arts or Science?

One of the age-long questions, students often get perplexed with whether to opt for Arts or to select Science stream while opting for higher education. Adding more to this doubt, students are often pushed to a state of dilemmaby parents, friends or relatives while finalising their stream for higher education. While most of them recommend Science stream to be the dominant one, only a handful suggests Arts stream.

Well, it will be unfair on our part to pass a quick verdict based on what others think about both the fields of study. Let us compare both these streams before suggesting whether to go for Arts or chose Science stream for your higher studies!

  1. The Courses:

Arts Stream:

Studying arts offers very limited options for further studies or career options; this is none but a common myth among the observers. In fact, Arts are considered as one of the most diverse and traditional stream in India. Even in foreign countries, Arts is famed as one of the most important field of studies among the students.

And in case, you still think that studying arts will only teach you bits and crunches of literature, you probably have only a fraction of knowledge about this diverse stream. Studying arts gives you exposure to an array of fields. To name a few, there are visual arts that include painting, sculpting, and drawing. Performing Arts is also a popular branch of this stream, and it includes music, drama, dance, and others. Literary Arts deal with subjects that train students in the field of literature and philosophy. History, law, humanities, geography and political science are also sought-after subjects in Arts Stream.

Science Stream:

Whether you agree or not, but Science Stream is way more popular among the Indian students, and it has its own set of reasons to be such. After all, students studying science in their 11th (1st PUC) and 12th (2bd PUC) can only apply for or appear for Engineering and Medical entrance exams. And while talking about Engineering or Medical, they are considered as stable and secured career options in India.

Unlike Arts Stream, Science Stream offers very limited choice to its aspirants. Science students get to choose a combination of subjects based on their aim in life. They can either select Biology Group that comprises of subjects like physics and chemistry with biology as the main subject or the Mathematic Group that comprises of physics and chemistry with Mathematics.

Usually, the Mathematics Group is known as Group-A and Mathematics Group is called Group-B. Well, students who are equally inclined towards both Engineering or Medical studies, they can opt for both the groups. However, in India, preference is given mainly to the high scoring group.

  1. Benefits:

Arts Stream:

  • Students enrolled in Arts develops immense analytical skills.
  • Potential to express also get enhanced among the students.
  • Studying Arts, students prepare themselves for jobs that highly require communication, logical, and reasoning skills.
  • With analytical skills inculcated among the Arts graduates, they learn to work more efficiently in independent atmosphere.
  • Arts Stream students are usually more productive in terms of collecting information and presenting them more effectively.
  • As students get an ample of choices to select their subjects, they get an exposure to multiple career options in the future.

Science Stream:

  • Science Stream prepares the students to study technical and medical courses; Engineering and Medical.
  • It helps the students develop technical skills for competitive exams at various levels.
  • Students specialising in any of the Science Stream subjects can opt for higher studies easily.
  • In addition to Medical and Engineering, students can also prefer jobs in Banking sector, Civil services, and several others.
  • Science students can also choose to become research scholars and prepare themselves as future scientists and discoverers.
  • Colleges offering Science Stream are more in number.


A bright future is the outcome of dedication and passion towards studies.Be it the Science or Arts Stream, each of the stream has its own set of advantages and benefits. Though the stream of studies can have an impact on the career, it highly depends on the students on how they prepare themselves for the future.

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