All You Need to Know about CBSE Improvement Exams

Often, several CBSE students have questions like these – ‘I am not very happy with my score in Science. Is there a possibility of appearing for the paper again to increase my marks?’, ‘“ want to enhance my score in Mathematics. How do I do it?”, “What is the use of a good overall percentage if my score in Math will not fetch me admission in the college of my choice? Wish I get another opportunity to appear for the paper and improve my marks.”

While you might have several unanswered questions, there is a solution to this. The good news is that CBSE permits you to appear for the examination again to improve your score. Like all examinations, the CBSE Improvement exam also comes with certain Rules and Guidelines. Here are the ones you need to follow:

  • Improvement exam for eligible students will be conducted in the next academic year, along with the regular Board exam students.
  • Passing the previous year or the earlier year Board exam is mandatory to be eligible for appearing in the consecutive year’s Board exam as a candidate sitting for Improvement of result.

Who can apply for Improvement exam?

  • A student who has passed the 10th or 12th Board exam in the year 2017 or 2016 (one who did not appear for the Improvement exam in 2017) is eligible for the improvement exam in 2018.
  • The candidate must have passed the CBSE Board examination. Students from other boards cannot appear for the CBSE Improvement exam. They can contact NIOS – National Institute of Open Schooling.
  • If the candidate registers for the Improvement exam in the succeeding year, he/she cannot pursue higher studies till the improvement exam is given. He/She has to take a drop.
  • Improvement exam can be given in one or more subjects. The candidate can make a choice. The candidate need not attend school for the same. He/she can appear as a private candidate. However, those appearing for JEE may have to give in all the subjects. Such students may choose to appear as a regular school candidate if the school grants permission.
  • Improvement exam cannot be given repeatedly. The candidate is eligible to appear for the Improvement exam only once and that is in the consecutive year.
  • The candidate has to appear only for theory papers as the marks of practical exams are still valid and will be taken into account.
  • A candidate cannot appear for any fresh additional subject along with Improvement exam.
  • There is no Improvement exam for additional subject.

Facts about marksheet:

  • A fresh marksheet, with the revised marks, will be issued on clearing the exam. No passing certificate is issued as the previous year’s passing certificate remains valid.
  • In case the marks scored in the Improvement exam are not higher than the regular Board exam marks, the best of the both exams will be considered.
  • The Improvement exam marksheet would be different from the regular Board marksheet.
  • The Improvement marksheet will carry the marks of only the subjects appeared for in the exam.
  • In case the candidate does not score well in the Improvement exam, he/she will have to submit both the marksheets while applying for higher studies, as required/applicable/ demanded.
  • In case the candidate scores improved marks in all the subjects that he/she appeared for, he/she need not combine the two marksheets for submission for higher studies.
  • The words ‘APPEARED FOR IMPROVEMENT’ are mentioned on the fresh marksheet.

How to apply for Improvement Exams:

  • CBSE Improvement Exam Application forms are of 2 types: 1) For students from Government schools in Delhi 2) For students from private schools (All India level). The form is generally available in the month of July.
  • The candidate must retain the previous year’s roll number and admit card for filling up the Improvement exam Application Form.
  • The question paper, exam dates and the result will be the same as applicable to regular students as the candidate giving Improvement exam will be, in reality, appearing for the CBSE Board exam of that year.

Advantages & disadvantages of CBSE Improvement Exam?

  • Well, the upside, definitely, is the golden second chance the candidate gets to try and score better.
  • The downside? The chance of pursuing higher studies gets postponed by a year. Therefore, students must study the pros and cons and take a wise decision.

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