7 Tips to Better Your College Study Routine

While entering college, every student has different expectations and different dreams to fulfil. But, the motive is the same for all – to learn and gain as much knowledge as they can. In  the midst of the desire to achieve goals, there are times you may find yourself struggling. Either with the pressure to complete the assignments or to find time for self-study.

Sometimes, when this pressure takes a toll, it becomes difficult to manage the daily routine and revise whatever has been taught. The students who somehow manage to surpass this pressure are often cranky, under-rested or sleep-deprived. So, what can be done to avoid this havoc of pressure and make college routine simple & manageable?

Unlike high school, managing college study routine could be a real brainstorming task. To get you through with it, we’ve compiled a list of some easy time-management hacks.  

1. Shut the doors to distractions

Whether you are a fresher or a senior, there lie multiple distractions in college life. Every other day there could be party plans, birthdays, trips, etc. Even if you neglect all that and try to focus, the peer pressure will want you to ditch the set schedule and socialize. But, what after that? Will you be able to catch up on the lost time?

Well, the only solution to this problem is banning the distractions. Decide a time for yourself when you can sit for good 1-2 hours, without looking at your phone. You can also use tools like LeechBlock, Cold TurkeyFreedomStayFocusdetc. These tools automatically block the websites you wish to avoid for the selected amount of time.

2. Be practical while setting goals

The most common mistake you might commit while planning your schedule is setting unrealistic goals. For instance, you decide to complete five assignments in a day. Certainly, this goal seems quite ambitious but is it achievable given that you have to attend lectures too? Therefore, only set goals which can be completed on the promised day. Be low-key but be determined.  

3. Divide tasks using Eisenhower’s Principle

Always divide your tasks according to these four quadrants of Eisenhower’s Principle: important, not-so-important, urgent, and not-so-urgent. When you categorize your tasks as per these quadrants, it adds an advantage to strike out that not-so-important and not-so-urgent work.

Also, it gives you time to focus on those things that are not urgent but can bring value to you. For example, attending a career-drive, participating in college competitions, etc.

4. Keep procrastination at bay

Wisely quoted by Edward Young, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” It only brings regrets and an immense amount of panic. Letting tasks/assignments/preparation stock up and then dealing with it is anytime more stressful. Which is why it is important to finish the tasks-at-hand as soon as possible.    

5. Schedule weekly group study sessions

Study groups mean accountability and continuance. You get to clear your doubts and remember class material better when it is discussed among your peers. Other than this, group sessions also help you with sticking to the schedule. When you know there will be a discussion on a particular topic every week; you prepare yourself accordingly.   

6. Self-police the learning pace

A constant estimate of performance is significant to make sure you are making progress. Nothing is more disturbing than feeling like you are putting all your efforts but ending up with no results. To gauge your daily progress, you can use apps like TrelloRescueTime, Time doctorReplicon, etc.

7. Relax and resume

It is difficult to study constantly for hours without getting distracted. And, once the concentration is lost, there is no use of sitting with an open book. Thus, it is always advised to take breaks in between to ensure focus and productivity. The best way to practice this hack is by following the ‘Pomodoro Technique.’  The technique suggests to study/work in slots, typically 25 minutes long, followed by a 5-minute break. This way you can manage your time and break equally well.

Your only limit is you. If you are determined to make the most of your time, nothing can stop you! So, go ahead and plan your routine in such a way that you have enough time for studying, life and leisure.

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