6 Ideas to Celebrate Children’s Day with your Kids

Kids love surprises and are always on edge to celebrate special days. With the world becoming automatic and digitalized, everyone is busy running their own race. There is hardly any time to take a pause and enjoy the moment together. Children expect love and pampering from parents every day, but you can always make them feel fabulous on days like today.

Here are some amazing ideas to make this children’s day special for your little ones with simple gestures that will leave a big smile on their face. Go ahead and make this children’s day the best one for them.

  • A Surprise Picnic

Picnics are always fun and one with the whole family is something to be cherished by kids. Plan a surprise one in any of the nearby local parks or drive to the nearest beach or any other beautiful place surrounded by nature. A picnic inside the zoo is also not a bad idea. Plan some fun activities or games for your children and you to play together like cricket or badminton so that they have ultimate fun and enjoyment.

  • A Special Movie Screening

Children love watching their favorite animation shows and movies. Plan a screening for them of their favorite movie or choose from these movies like – Stanley ka Dabba, The Lion King, Chillar Party, The Jungle Book, etc. which come with a message as well as full family entertainment. Surprise your little movie buffs by arranging your living room like a theatre and complete the experience with some popcorn and soft drinks. Try adding some more fun with fake movie tickets!

  • Save the Planet Together

Not just for kids, this is the best gift you can give to nature as well as the future generation. Planting a tree together can be fun and teaching your kids why nature is important can turn out to be a valuable lesson for them in life. Plant a tree or at least a flower plant with your kid and celebrate the day by taking a step towards saving our environment.

  • A Trip to Amusement Park

Amusement parks are like heaven for kids. They would do anything to go to one and spend the whole day jumping, riding, screaming, playing, enjoying. Not only for kids, but amusement parks can also be fun for grown-ups too. When was the last time you enjoyed a joy ride.! This is the opportunity for you to relive your childhood days along with your kids. Get on that roller coaster with your kid and scream your lungs out to cherish this special day.

  • A Nostalgia Session

Children never say no to stories and if those are your own then they will be the most interested ones. Take a dive back in time. Narrate your childhood stories, let them know how childhood was different in your days and how you used to celebrate Children’s day at your school. Old photographs can afford some fresh air out of the dusty albums. Tell them some stories of their childhood where they did something mischievous and you still laugh about it.

  • A Generation Battle

Games bring out the best in everyone. Organize a family game where you split into teams and play against each other. The winning team gets a prize or a special dinner, anything that you like to offer. Plan interesting games keeping in mind the age group of children included in your group.

Apart from the above, there are many other things you can do for your kids to make them feel cherished. Cooking a special dessert or a favorite dish for the foodie ones. Try making something interesting together like a cake or a DIY craft. Plan more surprises. Take them for an impromptu ice-cream treat. Get a photoshoot done, create an impromptu photo booth and go crazy clicking photographs. Call their friends, if possible. Be the Super parent every child wants. Get your children the toys or gifts they have been asking for since long.

So, go surprise the youngest ones in your family this Children’s Day. After all, there is nothing more priceless than watching those wondrous, bright eyes and that big smile on those cute little faces.

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