5 Ways in which Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Education

1. AI will customise learning based on a child’s pace of learning

Given that every student has a different speed of learning and responding, AI-powered assistant will gauge the responses of the child and customise learning at a pace appropriate for the child.

2. AI will personalise questions and help students prepare better for tests/exams

As teachers fail to give individual attention to every student and prepare them for exams, AI assistant can personalise questions as understood by different kids and help them practice for tests better.

3. AI will clarify doubts easily

The availability of an AI assistant makes it easier for students to seek for answers which will be solved in lesser time and without any external help.

4. AI evaluation helps students improve in academics

The analysis by an AI assistant gives an insight to a student’s strengths and weaknesses. More so, the AI assistant will chalk out an improvement strategy which will keep the student’s interest in the topic/subject intact.

5. AI will take your attendance/automate work

A day is not far away when the AI assistant will address the attendance management needs of a school. The AI assistant will also automate grading/results and record keeping, while allowing the teachers to focus on creative tasks.

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