4 Myths Indians Have about Foreign Education

1. Studying Abroad is Expensive. You need to be rich or have a good bank balance for studies abroad is the most common myth. The cost depends on the location/country, university, course as well as the duration. However, there are several universities which offer merit-based scholarships which cover the tuition fee, accomodation and travel costs. While it is comparatively expensive than studying in India, we should not ignore the benefits if offers in pushing us towards our career, increasing our network and expose us to a global workforce, which definitely wins more brownie points at any workplace.

2. You study abroad to settle there & not return to India: Studying in a foreign  country has more to do with life and learning than just academics. It exposes students to different cultures, pushes you of out of your comfort zone and promotes cultural tolerance and unity. This eventually breaks the stereotypes we have been brought up with and opens up the world to us. It also offers plenty of opportunities that do not exist in our home country.

3. Indian Students are neglected: Do we remember that Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai are Indian-born? It isn’t about where we come from but how we learn and move forward. While we definitely have our own set of presumptions, being neglected would totally depend on us, as an individual. It has nothing to do without country or ethnicity. It is upto us to immerse in different cultures, make new friends and be open to adapting to a new culture.

4. It is no longer safe: Despite the Gun Violence in the US, Indians are the highest number of immigrants living in the US and in some other parts of the world. Ideally, according to this assumption, it should decrease the numbers. But, it has gone up in the past 10 years. While safety is a matter of concern, it is also our duty to behave responsibly and be watchful of our own surroundings and safety, while following the rules of the foreign land. Universities/academic institutions have strict regulations and they expect every student to abide by it. Hence, we need to be aware of such rules and regulations before we choose to go abroad.

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